The Gifted – S02E11 – meMento

Remember when I typed up the review for last weeks episode, my system froze, deleting it, and everyone was left in crippling melancholy for a week?  Me neither, since the review is right there, dated last week, and clearly not having been posted anachronistically.  It’s possible that I have some memory damage, there is an […]

The Gifted – S02E09 – gaMe changer

This episode promises to shake things up for us, and it certainly has a lot going on.  We even get the resolution for many plot lines, while setting up board for the new ones.  Hopefully, you aren’t the impatient type, because it won’t be until next year until we get some

The Gifted – S02E07 – no Mercy

After months of secret planning and preparation, the Inner Circle blows the doors off their bank vault, as everyone else attempts to have character moments.  I’m sure the word “attempts” gave away the tone of the review, but for the rest of the details there is still

The Gifted – S02E06 – iMprint

The Purifiers have come out in force, with some smarter-than-your-average-cannon-fodder plans, as well as our three-in-one girls sharing their backstory.  You’d think we’d seen the last of Daddy Strucker not having control of his power, but wait, there’s

The Gifted – S02E04 – outMatched

Since we did not get a new episode this week1, I saved this review to help with the withdraw symptoms, at least until I wanted all of you Bureaucrats to read and comment and spend more time on the site, so I began flooding you with what you want.  For the proper review, read

The Gifted – unMoored

The Gifted continues with its second episode, but it does seem to hit the wall.  My wife described this episode as “Filler”, which seems to fit last seasons pacing, but is not very good for the second episode of the season to be chained down so quickly.