📺 Bureau’s Breakroom’s Television Table – Week beginning 2020 May 31

The kids are home for summer… which happened a couple of months ago thanks to the global pandemic.  Now, our shows have gone to on their summer breaks as well, which leaves us with just four genre shows.  Stargirl takes on Icicle while DC’s Legends fight Fate in a dystopia and potentially in a thong.  Marvel’s Agents continue to try to protect the time stream during prohibition.  In Blindspot, our FBI team goes up against a chemical weapon.  If this wasn’t enough cheesy campiness, Netflix is also dropping the rest of Fuller House leading to the triple wedding (three couples, not a thruple.)

[All synopses (and titles) from Trakt.tv below the cut, except when there really aren’t any.  (If a show’s synopsis is a spoiler to you, do not click More…)]

Stargirl – S01E03 – Icicle – After a dangerous run-in with a member of the Injustice Society of America, Pat warns Courtney to back down from her attempts to go after them. But when she encounters what she believes to be a message from one of them, she urges Pat to help her. Meanwhile, Barbara makes strides at work, which impresses her new boss Jordan Mahkent.

Fuller House – S05E10-E18 – Fuller House will drop the final episodes for season five — and the series — on June 2.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – S05E15 – Swan Thong – Still controlled by the Fates, the Legends find themselves in a 1984-esque world where they soon discover that things aren’t as they thought they would be. The Legends must convince the civilians to trust them and stand up for their right to choose, but the Fates don’t make it easy by resurrecting the Encores once again.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – S07E02 – Know Your Onions – With the identity of the timeline-unraveling ‘thread’ revealed, the team’s mission to protect him at all costs leads each agent to question their own values.

Blindspot – S05E04 – And My Axe! – In order to stop a terrorist group from procuring a deadly chemical weapon, the team must remember key details from their first days at the FBI. Meanwhile, Weller worries after he gets scary news about the health of his daughter.

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  1. Stargirl gave us the barest hint of something deep, where their villains are actually trying to stamp out injustice. While they behave like typical mustache twirling villains, the idea that they might be the ones doing the right thing would be fascinating.

    That said, I seriously doubt that’s where it’s going, and we are going to get some kids being very campy heroes in the next episode.

    • Indeed. They clearly have to recruit the scooby gang now that they’ve established the lead hero and muddled around setting up some sort of back story thing.

      They did establish that at least one villain really is villainous regardless of his motivations, so there’s that at least. And also, they smacked Stargirl with consequences to her actions, though whether she understands that or not has yet to be shown. No doubt the scooby gang will have to get smacked around a bit more before anyone learns anything about anything.

      I’m expecting the Big Reveal™ to be something trite like that the heroes of old were flawed and eventually “devolved” into villainous actions “for the greater good”. And also that Stargirl is not Starman’s daughter. I mean, wouldn’t it be good for a cheap shock to have her dad be one of the villains?

  2. Shield looks like it’s going to have a fun ride for its final season. That said, if Enoch turns up complaining about a terrible pain in all the diodes down his left side while working in the carpark at some restaurant in the distant future…. Now that I’ve said that, I so want to see Enoch deliver some variant of that line.

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