📺 Bureau’s Breakroom’s Television Table – Week beginning 2020 June 7

Not a lot for the television this week, as we only get one Dainty Child, Stargirl who is feeling how alone she is, and gathers a new JSA.  Meanwhile Marvel’s SHIELD’s episode is named “Alien Commies from the Future!” and there are no more details needed.  Over on Blindspot, half the team is in dire straights after last week’s episode, leaving them to scramble just to maintain their new status quo.  Once we finish those, does anyone have any good suggestions for news series we might enjoy?

[All synopses (and titles) from Trakt.tv below the cut, except when there really aren’t any.  (If a show’s synopsis is a spoiler to you, do not click More…)]

Stargirl – S01E04 – Wildcat – After realizing that she needs the extra help, Courtney sets out to recruit new members to the Justice Society of America – starting with Yolanda. Elsewhere, Pat’s suspicion is piqued after a bizarre conversation with one of the town’s residents.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – S07E03 – Alien Commies from the Future! – A surprise leap forward in time strands Enoch in 1931 and lands the team in another unfamiliar decade. Now, in order to stop the chronicoms from launching their future-dismantling plan, the agents must infiltrate one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most secure bases.

Blindspot – S05E05 – Head Games – When Jane is shot and Weller is kidnapped, the team must fight to save both of their lives while maintaining the secrecy of their hidden base. Meanwhile, Weller is haunted by some dark ghosts from Blindspot’s past.

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  1. Penny Dreadful – City of Angels just release episode 7 of their season.

  2. Welp, the Scooby Gang begins to coalesce on Stargirl. At least we now have someone that is at least somewhat inclined to think before leaping. But you know it was a really bad idea when the staff was fighting it, too. I mean, that staff seems to really like jumping into the fire first and pondering second and even it wouldn’t go along with that distraction idea.

    I’m still expecting a Big Reveal™ that Starman is not Stargirl’s dad. Even odds, that will be followed by a Psych! moment. Which may, or may not, be followed by Yet Another™ Big Reveal™.

    • A Class President, superstar child takes a topless selfie at her boyfriend’s urging, (which went in a horrible direction, which is why you don’t do that) and her entire family turns on her like she had driven them to a concentration camp and signed the intake papers. I double checked when this show aired, because I was expecting it to be on Sunday morning, aimed at my seven year old. If this doesn’t take a swerve where the town is mentally oppressing people to be conformists, I am going to drop it.

      • Yeah, that was a just a bit annoying. It’s not as unrealistic as it might appear, though. There actually are families that behave exactly like that. Doesn’t mean I want to encounter it quite so blatantly in my entertainment. Still, I can’t imagine that getting past the “network” if the characters are really as unredeemable as they appear. I expect it’s going to tie into whatever is going on in the town, but the question is how dumb that will be and how much pussyfooting around they do getting to the reveal.

  3. It’s not just Batwoman who will require a replacement next year. For those of you who missed it, Hartley Sawyer, who has played Ralph Dibny, the Elongated Man, for the last few seasons of The Flash, has been fired over some past Tweets deemed racist and misogynistic.

    It’s not known if the character will disappear or be replaced by a new actor.

    Batwoman, apparently, will be an entirely new character who takes over from Kate Kane. Ruby Rose announced her intention to leave the show last month.

    • While I applaud this, a lot, I think it might be a bit odd if they make the next Batwoman coincidentally a lesbian, also. I think it would be sad to see that aspect of the show lost, too. I guess that means I am just hoping for a halfway decent writing of Kate Kane disappearing for whatever reason, and Ryan Wilder, a young lesbian who idolizes what Batwoman symbolizes, finds out and ends up stumbling onto the Bat-something and has to pick up on it to save the city.

      • I know some people think replacing the actor but keeping the character the same is a Dick move, but, with only one season done, I’m surprised they’re not just replacing Ruby Rose with a superficially similar actress. She was one of the few things I liked about the show but I suspect most viewers would quickly accept the second one as the official Kate Kane/Batwoman, especially if it continues for a few more seasons.

        Many people forgot/ignored that Marilyn Munster was a different actress after the first 13 episodes– but it raised some eyebrows when Pat Priest (Marilyn II) was replaced for the big-screen movie with Debbie Watson.

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