Weekly Digital Disc Picks – December 23, 2008

This is a good day to help Johnny Depp fans build a Blu-Ray library, but otherwise it’s entirely passable.

First, the DVD releases:

Now, the Blu-Ray releases:

Finally, the pick of the week. My advice this week is to pick up something you missed in the last two weeks. Or to wait for Battlestar Galactica: Season 4.0 in January.

2 replies on “Weekly Digital Disc Picks – December 23, 2008”

  1. Eagle Eye?
    Anyone here see Eagle Eye?

    It had an interesting premise, but who knows how well those things are executed in Hollywood these days.

    I added it to my Blockbuster queue, figured it was at least worth watching once.

  2. Anime this week
    Unfortunately, I haven’t see Xenosaga the Animation (played the first game – but not seen the anime yet), nor seen Tsubasa – though the latter might be worth giving a try.

    Anyway, regarding the "Fear and Loathing" Blu-Ray release, what exactly makes it a "Director’s cut" – the Amazon.com page is unclear, and doesn’t have any information on special features (particularly in relation to the Criterion DVD release).

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