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  1. Budget
    Dave actually runs the budget, but I’m a math geek, so here we go: $42 million per shuttle (plus shipping), and our only revenue is from Amazon.com and ad click-throughs. (The last time I heard, Dave said we’re almost at the point where we can pay for domain renewals. Yay us!) We have 3190 registered users. So, based on the price tag and Amazon’s referral rate, assuming proportionate ad banner clicks to cover the aforementioned shipping, we can cover the cost if each user spends a mere $526,645.80 through our referrals.

    Did everyone check out the latest "Weekly Digital Disc" picks? Go finish your Christmas shopping! Right through the end of 2015!

    • Re: Budget
      "It’s put out a call to schools, science museums and ‘other appropriate organizations’"

      I don’t think your basement counts Fiziko :) Besides, where would you put all your DVDs?

  2. Main engines!
    You know, they’re also considering selling off some of the main engines, for possibly as little as $400,000. By Fiz’s math that’s just over $5000 each in Amazon referrals! Come on, everybody, Dave can turn one into the worlds awesomest desk chair!

    (And I would assert that anyone who spends $65,830.72/year on Christmas shopping could seriously consider picking up one of these shuttles for their very own. Or at least a main engine. ;)

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