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Next Gen on TNN

Today begins the 5-day marathon of Next Generation shows on TNN (yes, TNN). Among the myriad of episodes to be aired, a Trek special titled “America loves…Star Trek” will be on at 7pm tonight.

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Enterprise: The Timeline has posted this timeline of “historical” events leading up to the launch of the very very first “Enterprise” (whose series launches this Wednesday). They seem to be rewriting chunks of their own history – no mention of the Eugenics Wars that supposedly took place in the 1990s, no sleeper ship with Khan Noonian Singh aboard, and they’ve moved the third World War around a bit. Though this should make for a better, more plausible series today, should they be rewriting the “history” of a thirty-five-year-old franchise this way? Your thoughts go below…

Yet Another Trek Fanfic Series

Seems more and more people are sick of how Paramount’s handling the Star Trek franchise… We’ve mentioned Voyager Virtual Season Eight here before, and now another group of people are putting together Star Trek: Renaissance. They say they’re striving for scripts of higher quality than Paramount’s; the press kit (available now in our downloads section) looks promising, as does the first script.
Hey, at least it’s not this stunning concept

Trek Ten Troubles?

AICN has always been a bit too cartoonish and too rumor-filled for my taste, but occasionally they do point out something that almost makes sense.

Though I doubt there’s quite as much urgency in the casting schedule as this article implies, the truth is that Patrick Stewart will be tied up for a while with “X-Men 2,” making it difficult to get him for “Star Trek Ten,” by whatever name they call it.