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Trek Ten Tidbits

Man, it’s been a slow news week… No, we haven’t died, we’re just taking a nap.

Now on to the news: Stuart Baird, director of such not-quite-notables as “U.S. Marshals” and “Executive Decision,” has been named as the director of the tenth Star Trek film.

And everyone’s favorite source of infinite rumor, Trek Today, posted some alleged spoilers for the plot of Trek X. Here, have some salt with that.

Trek Week On TNN

TNN (no, it’s not called The Nashville Network
anymore) will be airing a whole week of Star Trek programming
starting Monday, October 1. 77 episodes of TNG and three of the movies
(2, 3, and 5). The only non-Trek programming to be
aired that week is — wait for it — WWF Raw Is War.
(And they say it’ll have “Trek bits” in it as well.
What are they gonna do, get Jeri Ryan and The Rock
to re-enact their scenes from “Tsunkatse?”)

ST: Voyager, Season 8?

Well sort of. A group of fans, not satisfied with Voyager’s finale (who wasn’t?), have gotten together and have built a site with a planned 26 new episodes for Voyager and her crew.

The first story is due out June 20th. It’ll be interesting to read. Hopefully it’s better than most FanFic (gag, puke) out there.