Commercial Spaceport Approved

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has approved the first commercial spaceport, in New Mexico. The New Mexico Space Authority expects Virgin Galactic to begin regular suborbital flights in the near future.

2008 Hugo Nominees

Galactica, Doctor Who, a number of writers you’ve read (including Charles Stross), but no novels we’ve reviewed as yet, are up for the 2008 Hugos, to be awarded at WorldCon in Denver this summer. Cloverfield isn’t mentioned– but Heroes‘ entire first season could win best dramatic presentation, long form.

Star Trek: Reboot The Universe

In 2004, Bryce Zabel and JMS came up with this wacky idea: Reboot Star Trek. Hey, it worked for Battlestar Galactica… Obviously, nothing ever came of it, but it’s still fun to chew on. Zabel’s long writeup on the proposal, and I’ve mirrored a copy of the proposal itself here in case of Slashdotting or […]