Weekly Digital Disk Picks – September 6, 2011

The TV-on-DVD annual flood starts to trickle out this week.

Title Available Formats
Airwolf: The Movie
Black Blood Brothers: Complete Series (S.A.V.E)
Bleach Uncut Box Set 10
Burst Angel Box Set (Anime Classics)
Peacemakers: Complete Series (Anime Classics)
Street Fighter: The New Challengers
  • DVD only: Amazon
  • DVD/Street Fighter IV PC game bundle: Amazon
Motion comic adapted from Udon’s Street Fighter Comic Book
Street Fighter: Round 1
Motion comic adapted from Udon’s Street Fighter Comic Book
To Love Ru Complete Collection
Classics (Cult)
The Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection: Volume 2
Includes Dr. Cyclops, Cult of the Cobra, The Land Unknown, The Deadly Mantis and The Leech Woman.
Elvira: Mistress of the Dark
Return of the Killer Tomatoes
Classics (Traditional)
Across the Wide Missouri
Stars Clark Gable
Stars Clark Gable
Any Number Can Play
Star Clark Gable
The Caine Mutiny
Stars Humphrey Bogart, Jose Ferrer, Van Johnson, Fred MacMurray and Robert Francis
Stars Clark Gable
In Name Only
Stars Carole Lombard and Cary Grant
Lone Star
Stars Clark Gable, Broderick Crawford and Lionel Barrymore
Community: Season Two
Blaine: The DVD link includes links to individual episode digital purchases. I started watching season one through Netflix, and I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s rare to find such an intelligently written sitcom.
Parks and Recreation: Season Three
The Office: Season Seven
Individual digital episode downloads are available in the above links.
Two and a Half Men: Season Eight
Blaine: Notice how Charlie Sheen now stands behind the other two. I do not envy Ashton Kutcher… well, ever, but especially not this year.
Vidal Sassoon: The Movie
Blaine: I was previously unaware that the hair care products were named after their inventor. This is his biography.
Everything Must Go
  • Blu-Ray/Digital Limited Edition Steelbook combo: Amazon
  • Blu-Ray/Digital Limited Edition Humidor Combo: Amazon
Straw Dogs
Drak Pack: The Complete Series
Harman and Katnip: The Complete Series
Children of the Corn
Hellraiser II: Hellbound
The Hellraiser Collection: Hellraiser III-VIII
The Hills Have Eyes
Scream Five-Film Set (Scream 1-3 + Two Documentaries)
10 Movie Mystery Pack
Includes People I Know, American Gun, Frame of Mind, The Rendering, My Husband’s Double Life, The Return of Alex Kelly, Murder Most Likely, Young and Innocent, Easy Virtue and Cause of Death.
Criminal Minds: Season Six
Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour (DVD edition)
Blaine: There seems to be a trend to use the label “DVD edition” to mark shows that only lasted one season.
Midsomer Murders: Set 18
Police Story: Season One
Ghost Adventures: Season Three
Last Night
Science Fiction
Fringe: Season Three
DVD and Blu-Ray listings include digital download links for each episode.
Randy Orton: The Evolution of a Predator
No Ordinary Family: Season One
X-Men: First Class
Note that this is actually a Friday, September 9 release. Blaine: I originally skipped this one because I was dissatisfied with three out of four previous attempts to make an X-Men film through Fox. I’m told this one turned out to be a great movie, capturing the spirit of the comics accurately, as though Fox stepped up their game with the impending threat of the reversion of the rights to Disney.
Dressed to Kill
Destry: The Complete Series

Finally, the picks of the week. Alex says, “I’m going to go with To Love Ru. Yes, it’s a fan-service heavy romantic comedy, but it’s a fun show, with more likable characters than the series it emulates – Urusei Yatsura.” Blaine says, “I’ve seen nothing released this week in its entirety, but the reputation of X-Men: First Class and the strength of the first season of Community are enough for me to strongly suggest checking those out.”

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  1. Hey, I’ve got some suggestions about the table layout, if I may. Now I can’t use preview so I’m hoping this looks right…

    1. I think the comments about a title (such as starring, and your own comments) should be in the same cell (and row) as the title itself. Having them in a different cell like they are now is a bit confusing. I’d use some <br> tags to space things out between the title and other comments.

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  2. The Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection:

    Yes, who could forget such ultimately classic Sci-Fi as “Dr Cyclops” and “The Leech Woman.”

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