More new TV, starting Monday

theangrymob already filled us in on the new episode of Enterprise next week. What he didn’t mention was the new episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that comes out on Tuesday, the same day as the show’s third season on DVD. Birds of Prey will be a double-header of new episodes on Wednesday night. Angel will take over that time slot with its next new episode on Wednesday, January 15.

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    • Re: BoP?

      ARGH! No firefly, but Birds of Prey keeps on running…

      : (

      For now, yes. Birds of Prey has four hours left unaired, and two of them are coming on Wednesday. (It looks like the last two will be some series finale event thing at some point.) After that, it’s done. Firefly on the other hand, has three hours left to air, and apparantly about 50/50 odds of being picked up and continued by UPN.

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