Karen Gillan shows what she can do.

Cast and Crew

Matt Smith as The Doctor
Karen Gillan as Amy Pond
Arthur Darvill as Rory
Josie Taylor as Check-In Girl
Imelda Staunton as the voice of Interface

Written by Tom MacRae

Produced by Marcus Wilson

Directed by Nick Hurran

Originally shown on the 10th of September 2011


Amy gets stuck in another timestream for thirty-six years.

High Points

  • Bad-Ass Amy.
  • “You’re Amy. He’s Rory.”
  • “If anyone could defeat predestiny, it’s your wife.”

Low Points

  • Sorry, how much damage does a torn painting do?


Originality: The story’s made out of derivative elements, but it feels fresh when they’re all put together. Five out of six.

Effects: I really liked the teleportation effects, and the handbots are great. Unfortunately, the ageing makeup is its usual slightly dodgy thing. Five out of six.

Story: Horrible. Brilliant. Six out of six.

Acting: Karen Gillan really outdid herself this time. Really outdid herself. Six out of six.

Emotional Response: The Amy/Rory dynamic in this episode really got to me. Five out of six.

Production: Good. Six out of six.

Overall: I loved it. Six out of six.

In total, The Girl Who Waited receives thirty-nine out of forty-two.