As we move into the final part of the series, the Doctor proves that it’s impossible for him to play a simple social call without stumbling on an alien invasion.

Cast and Crew

Matt Smith as The Doctor
Karen Gillen as Amy Pond
Arthur Darvill as Rory
James Corden as Craig Owens
Daisy Haggard as Sophie
Alex Kingston as River Song
Frances Barber as Madame Kovarian
Seroca Davies as Shona
Holli Dempsey as Kelly
Chris Obi as George
Lynda Baron as Val
Paul Kasey as Cyberman
Nicholas Briggs as the voice of the Cybermen

Written by Gareth Roberts

Produced by Denise Paul

Directed by Steve Hughes

Originally shown on the 25th of September 2011


The Doctor drops in on a former housemate for a social call. He’s not very good at social calls, or indeed going anywhere that there isn’t a crisis going on.

High Points

  • Oh yes, the Doctor speaks baby.
  • Classic pre-credits surprise, very well done.
  • Parenthood is just your children giving you marks? That seems about right actually.
  • Bits of the series arc are now slotting together like clockwork. Tick tock.

Low Points

  • The situation with Alfie starts to feel a tad contrived as the episode progresses.


Originality: This is new ground for the programme, reconnecting with old companions to sort things out or whatever other reasons the Doctor might have. As such it feels nice and fresh, although the situation with the Cybermen is not all that distinct from several other stories in the past. Four out of six.

Effects: Mostly excellent, with one exception I won’t mention as it’s a big fat spoiler. Five out of six.

Story: Five out of six.

Acting: Pretty uniformly great. Five out of six.

Emotional Response: Five out of six.

Production: The locations are absolutely perfect, and really this is a superbly put together episode. Five out of six.

Overall: A big happy five out of six.

In total, Closing Time receives thirty-four out of forty-two.