Weekly Digital Disk Picks for October 11th, 2011

What this week lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality. No RightStuf links this week – they’re having technical difficulties.

Title Available Formats
Dragon Ball Z – Dragon Box 7
Initial D: First Stage SAVE Edition
Kobato Collection 2
Naruto Shippuden Uncut Set 8
Princess Tutu Complete Collection
Alex: Anime series about a duck who wants to become a ballerina, and ends up falling in love with a prince. One of the anime series I’ve come across that really hits the fairy-tale tone dead on.
Queen’s Blade 2: The Evil Eye
Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of the Wind, Shore of the Maze
Art House
The Four Feathers (Criterion Collection)
The Three of Life
  • DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital combo: Amazon
Classics (Cult)
Classics (Traditional)
Chuck: Complete Fourth Season
Blaine: I started watching this series in March, and I’m very much hooked. Highly recommended. The fifth and final season begins October 28, paired with Grimm. The hardest part about listing the show in this column is deciding if it belongs in “Action,” “Comedy” or “Science Fiction,” as it does all three very well (though the science fiction element is strictly limited to the series premise.)
Horrible Bosses
Workaholics: Season One
Casper the Friendly Ghost: Complete Collection
Maniac Cop
Slasher film where the killer is a cop (or someone posing as a cop). Stars Bruce Campbell.
Silent Night, Zombie Night
Alex: It’s a bad sign when no-budget zombie movies are ripping titles off from cheap cash-in slasher movies (like Silent Night, Deadly Night)
Music / Musical
Halford: Live at Saitama Super-Arena
Bones: Season Six
  • DVD only: Amazon
  • Blu-Ray only: Amazon
  • Digital purchases available through DVD link.
Ghost Hunters: Season 6, Part 2
Science Fiction
Doctor Who: The David Tennant Years
Blaine: In the unlikely event that any of our readers don’t already own the individual releases of these seasons and specials, take a serious look at this. It’s very, very worth it. It even includes the animated specials with Tennant, in addition to series 2-4 and the specials.
Doctor Who: The Talons of Weng-Chiang (Special Edition) (Story 91)
JEM and the Holograms
  • Season One DVD only: Amazon
  • Truly Outrageous Complete Series DVD only: Amazon
Blaine: I am somewhat embarrassed to admit I actually want this.
Call Me Mrs. Miracle
Blaine: Mentioned for the cast: Jewel Staite, Eric Johnson, Doris Roberts and Lauren Holly
Scrooge (1970)
The Family Man
Before They Were Stars: Rey Mysterio Jr. (Masked Republic)
Collection of matches from Rey Mysterio Jr.’s career in Mexico.
Alex: So, I checked online and found that most of the matches on this DVD are fan-cams and were from very early in Rey’s career, before he his in-ring style had gotten some polish.
The Ladder Match 2 – Crash & Burn (WWE)
Alex: More collections of the second-most-dangerous match in Pro Wrestling (most dangerous is the Scaffold Match – which you’ll notice nobody does anymore). Includes matches with the late Chris Candido, Sean Waltman, the late Eddie Guerrero, and Rob Van Dam.
Mexico vs. The Border Patrol (Masked Republic)
Collection of matches from the Pro Wrestling Revolution promotion, with some of the promotion’s Luchadors wrestling against the Rudo (heel) stable of The Border Patrol.
The Best of Green Lantern
Blaine: Five episodes from various Timm/Dini series. My advice: don’t buy this, buy the complete series of the others instead. They’re better than almost any live action versions I’ve seen.
Green Lantern
  • Theatrical DVD only: Amazon
  • Theatrical Blu-Ray only: Amazon
  • Theatrical digital rental only: Amazon
  • Theatrical digital purchase only: Amazon
  • Extended digital purchase only: Amazon
  • Extended Cut DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital combo: Amazon
  • Theatrical DVD/Blu-Ray/3D Blu-Ray/Digital combo: Amazon
Blaine: This is actually released on Friday, October 14. There’s a nine minute difference between the regular and extended cuts. I do not know what those nine minutes contain. The extended version is not available in 3D.
Incredible Hulk Returns / The Trial of the Incredible Hulk
Blaine: Why only rerelease this two pack, and none of the other movies or seasons of the Bill Bixby / Lou Ferrigno series? Because this set has Daredevil and (more importantly) Thor.
  • Official Second Season Vol. 2 DVD only: Amazon
  • Official Complete Second Season DVD only: Amazon
Gunsmoke: Season Five, Vol. 1

Finally, the picks of the week. Blaine says, “we’ve got live action and animated Green Lantern, Chuck: Season Four and Doctor Who: The David Tennant Years that I can wholeheartedly recommend. There’s also classic Doctor Who product I haven’t seen yet to pick from. There may be a surprisingly small number of titles for October, but the quality of those titles is not in dispute, even if you’re one of the people who didn’t enjoy Green Lantern.” Alex says, “I, on the other hand, have seen The Talons of Weng-Chiang, and give it my full recommendation – especially if you own all the David Tennant seasons already. Wrestling fans should also check out the new Ladder Match collection from the WWE.”

6 replies on “Weekly Digital Disk Picks for October 11th, 2011”

  1. +1 for Chuck from me. It’s a very fun series and every year they find a way to mix it up and keep things feeling new and crazy. Bones is also quite good.

    We will probably be picking up Green Lantern, though we haven’t seen it yet, for a number of reasons.

  2. Chuck is indeed a great show… and I should watch S4 which is sitting on the DVR.

    I’d definitely classify it as action, with comedic and scifi elements. “Get Smart” is a comedy show about spies. “Chuck” is a spy show that’s funny.

  3. I wasn’t aware that the more recent Four Feathers (2002) was a remake, and I thought it was very good. I would be interested to see the original 1939 version.

  4. The Incredible Hulk tv-series versions of Daredevil and Thor were kind of not-Marvel, tho. I think Stan Lee said something once about getting Marvel to become movie producers cause the tv versions were nothing like the comic versions. Might have read that here, even.

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