Harry Potter 5: June 21, 2003

And it’s about time… BBC News says the fifth Harry Potter book, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” will be released on June 21 (it’s a Saturday, by the way). It’ll also weigh in at something like 255,000 words, about 1/3 larger than the hefty “Goblet of Fire”.

2 replies on “Harry Potter 5: June 21, 2003”

  1. 250,000 words!

    Egad! At this rate, the last book (“Harry Potter and the Hernia Operation”) will need to come with its own forklift!

    I’m excited for the book but I think JKR may need to start splitting school years into two books. Hopefully, now that she has settled down again, she’ll be able to get the next books out sooner.

  2. Badly in need of an editor
    My take on this is that her books have grown substantially since she has acheived widespread popularity. Stephen King suffered from the same problem… his books “Needfull Things” “Wizard and Glass” and most noteably ‘The Tommyknockers” suffer from a severe lack of editorial empowerment. Luckily, when he changed publishing houses, one requirement was an editor who wasn’t afraid to tell him where to stick it. JKR may need the same thing.

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