3rd Rock Heading Home?

Two episodes of “3rd Rock From The Sun” were filmed last Tuesday, which just might be their last. NBC has yet to determine whether they’ll renew the sitcom, so these episodes were written as a possible series finale. (Granted, the show’s so darn goofy that they could write themselves back out of any corner easily, but that’s sorta beside the point.)

3 replies on “3rd Rock Heading Home?”

  1. Let’s hope so
    I never really liked that show, and it always bugged me that it comes up as “Sci Fi” on Tivo. It’s not sci fi, except for the premise, which is barely sci fi. Good riddance

  2. The time has come
    I enjoyed 3rd Rock during the first season, but since then, I’ve grown tired of it. The jokes that amused me most were the physics jokes, rather than the fish-out-of-water jokes, though. (Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that I’m a Physics student. It premiered in my first year of University.) I won’t be sorry to see it go. It’s had a better run than some other shows.

    I think it could have lasted longer, but Lithgow’s overacting kept winning Emmy awards, so they kept focusing on him. Had the focus stayed on Harry, Sally, and Tommy, it would have held my interest longer. Even Lithgow admitted he didn’t think he deserved the awards.

  3. good riddance
    i agree… it’s just a standard sitcom with a slight sci-fi twist. i never liked it, i was suprised when it received a nice syndication deal (now its on 5 nights a week).

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