X-Files Column – The Big Debate

There was another rerun this week, so I’ve decided to feed the discussion column with a topic that always caused a huge debate when it was launched on the alt.tv.x-files newsgroup. Read more for the details…

There are a lot of people who feel Mulder and Scully should be romantically involved. Are you one of them?

There are certain standard positions that people take. The two standard positions are that of the shippers, who want to see Mulder and Scully involved in a romantic relationship. The flipside of this is the noromo groups, who don’t want to see romance.

There are other positions than these as well. There are the skippers, who want to see Skinner and Scully involved, and the slashers, who can be further subdivided. The slashers have one thing in common though; they want to see same-sex involvements, usually with some combination of Mulder, Skinner, and Krycek.

I haven’t been visiting alt.tv.x-files this season, so I don’t know what title is used for any groups who want to see Doggett involved, although I’m sure they exist. So, which group are you in? Why?

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  1. Noromo!
    I was hoping someone else would get the ball rolling, but it hasn’t happened yet. Anyway, personally, I’m a noromo. Why? Because of Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose. Clyde had the ability to see how people would die. He seemed to imply Mulder’s death would be a result of auto-erotic asphixiation. If Mulder and Scully live happily ever after, why would Mulder resort to such a demeaning act?

  2. What if it’s already happened?
    Then, of course, there’s all the people (like my roomies) that believe it’s already happened — i.e. the growing contingent of “Mulder’s the father of Scully’s baby” followers. There is a decent amount of (circumstantial) evidence to support that theory (most of the last half of Season 7).

    Not to mention, if there isn’t a relationship of any sort, The Croc Files suddenly makes sense. And I just can’t bear that possibility. :-)

  3. Scully’s Baby
    Well, Chris Carter promised to reveal a lot about Scully’s pregnancy in February, so the “Mulder’s-the-father” theory will probably be either confirmed or refuted by March. In fact, he’s said that the end of this season should be able to function as a series finale, so we can expect to see a lot of these things wrapped up.

    I tried to check out the Crock Files, but got a 403 error.

  4. I’m a Shipper… Sorta…
    I’m a shipper, I guess. I sound half-hearted, you say? Well, you’re right, because this season of the X-Files has all but killed the romance. Not having Mulder around to provide his half of the chemistry ingredients is bad enough; what’s worse is that he is rarely even mentioned. He is all but forgotten for the time being and frankly, I’m bored of waiting for him to come back, at least as far as the ‘Ship is concerned. Don’t get me wrong; I’ll still watch the show, and I’m still looking forward to Mulder’s return, but not because of the schmoop that may or may not follow , but just to see what Chris Carter has in store for us next. But as for my shippery tendencies… I’ve been all but defeated. Chris Carter dangled that carrot in front of our faces for years, and you know what? The ruse worked because like a mesmerized rabbit I followed it every step of the way. With Mulder gone, not just out of our physical view but largely out of the writing as well, the carrot’s gone bland. I’ll be watching along with the rest of you when Mulder makes his (hopefully) triumphant return, but my heart will probably not pitter-patter anymore if M & S have one of their inevitable “moments.” Well, okay, maybe it will a *little.* ;)

    Anyone else feeling defeated, as a shipper, due to Mulder’s absence?

  5. keep ’em apart
    i think if they were dating it would just get wierd. the ‘tension’ they have already is enough. if they were in a relationship you’d have to worrry about it getting sappy or focusing too much on establishing their love for each other, etc etc. that’s all fine and good, i just don’t watch x-files for that. mulder is the epitomy of a bachelor anyways ;)

  6. shipper all the way
    Can anyone deny that Mulder and Scully are perfect for

    each other? They need to come together in a big way,

    quit the X-Files, and move to some tropical island

    somewhere. After all they’ve been through, they deserve

    it. Then, next season, they can bring in somebody new

    to be Doggett’s partner if they want to keep the

    X-Files on the air.

  7. Re: The Croc Files
    Hm. I think Gossamer blocks that kind of query – they want you to go through them, and look at a few ads.

    Just punch up Gossamer and search for it by title. It\’s well worth it.

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