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  1. Ooh Ooh. A Clip Show.
    Ooh Ooh. A Clip Show! Yes, we add some cut scenes and show the same clips from the last three years because we have no clue how to write TV Shows anymore!

    Guess it was A Good Thing ™ baby girl woke up at 12AM and I was able to waste an hour watching TV while she snuggled on my chest. That at least made the hour worthwhile.

    • Re: Ooh Ooh. A Clip Show.

      Ooh Ooh. A Clip Show!

      Actually, I came away thinking that this was the first Andromeda episode they’ve done that I thought was really really good. Though I noticed the clipping, it was much more subtle than most clip shows, and the story of Rahde’s attempts to cope with the future made a nice contrast with the rest of the series. His telling off Tyr was particularly good, and I think may be what Tyr has been thinking all along, and is why he’s sticking with Dylan.

      And we definitely got some more insight into Trance…

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