Weekly Digital Disk Picks for April 17th, 2012

If you are pressed for time, feel free to completely ignore this week’s releases. The only doorcrasher is the new Mission: Impossible.

Title Available Formats
Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol
Alex: I’ve previously done a video review of this.
Sharpe on Blu-Ray
  • Sharpe’s Rifles & Eagle (Part 1): Amazon
  • Sharpe’s Company & Enemy (Part 2): Amazon
  • Shapre’s Honor & Gold (Part 3): Amazon
  • Sharpe’s Battle & Sword (Part 4): Amazon
  • Sharpe’s Regiment & Siege (Part 5): Amazon
  • Sharpe’s Mission & Revenge (Part 6): Amazon
  • Sharpe’s Justice & Waterloo (Part 7): Amazon
Contains all 14 episodes of the original Sharpe TV series, starring Sean Bean.
Legend of the Legendary Heroes – Part 1
Comes with a slipcase for parts 1 & 2.
Legend of the Legendary Heroes – Part 2
Reservoir Chronicles Tsubasa – The OVAs: SAVE Edition
Contains the OVAs “Tokyo Revelations” and “Spring Thunder Chronicle”
Someday’s Dreamers – Complete Collection
Series about a girl from the country who comes to the big city to learn magic.
Art House
Last Spring (Criterion Collection)
Classics (Cult)
Roger Corman’s Cult Classics: The Nurses Collection
Includes Candy Stripe Nurses, Private Duty Nurses, Night Call Nurses and Young Nurses
Classics (Traditional)
American Dad Volume 7
Buck Privates Collector’s Series
Eight is Enough: The Complete First Season
Frozen Planet: The Complete Series
Alambrista! (Criterion Collection)
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Ultimate Ending
The Busy World of Richard Scarry – The Complete 65 Episode Series
Conan the Adventurer: Season Two, Part 2
7 Below
Music / Musical
Science Fiction
The Divide
Young Justice: Season One – Volumes 1, 2 and 3
Alex: I’ve been watching this on Netflix and am up to volume 2. Thus far the series seems like a worthy successor to Justice League & JLU.

Finally, the picks of the week. Blaine says, “I want to get around to seeing Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol at some point, but I haven’t seen it yet.” Alex say, “I, on the other hand, have seen Ghost Protocol, and while it’s more in the line of Bond than Mission: Impossible, it’s still an excellent film, and definitely worth checking out. Also, I really need to get around to watching the Sharpe series.”

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  1. I’v caught a few of the Sharpe’s series on TV, they are really good, right up there with the Horatio Hornblower series. They’ve priced the BD’s a bit high though.

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