2012-2013 (American Network) TV schedules

Rather than create our own chart of the full fall schedules this year, we’ll just link to the Hollywood Reporter’s list instead. My own commentary follows after the break.

Monday looks to be almost unchanged for me. I’ll keep up with Castle, and may give The Following a shot (serial killer hunter series, starring Kevin Bacon) based on reviews. I’ve cancelled my cable and follow TV through iTunes, which means it’s not as easy to check out new shows, unless the producers offer that first episode free. The Revolution is somewhat tempting. I’m not a fan of post-apocalyptic stories in general, but this show is cocreated by J.J. Abrams and Eric Kripke, which have made very entertaining product in the past.

Tuesday has nothing new that grabs my attention, but it does have Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt. 23. I wouldn’t normally have given a show like that a chance, but the first two episodes were free on iTunes when I had a day off work so I grabbed them and checked them out. They were a lot funnier than I expected them to be, and I may just finish out that first season and see where it all goes.

Wednesday has the new time for Supernatural, whose new lead in is Arrow. Arrow is based on DC’s Green Arrow property, but doesn’t star Justin Hartley (who is on a medical drama for the CW instead.) It’s a new version directed by Greg Berlanti, who directed a lot of Smallville and a lot of pilot episodes in general, so I’ll probably check that one out. I’ll probably keep picking up CSI: Crime Scene Investigations even though I’m a few seasons behind in watching it. (I’m about six episodes past the introduction of Laurence Fishburne.)

Thursday is still home to The Big Bang Theory and Vampire Diaries, but adds Beauty and the Beast with Kristen Kreuk in the title “beauty” role, and a guy who looks like a model with a visible scar as the “beast.” Really? The scar is all it takes to make a “beast” these days? 30 years ago, they put Ron Perlman in ugly makeup. Today, I don’t know if he’d be attractive enough to be considered for the role of the “beast.” Doesn’t that kind of miss the point of the source material? Glee moves to this night, and CBS premiers Elementary as their modern retelling of Sherlock Holmes starring Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes and Lucy Liu as Watson. I’ll probably give that one a shot, although that’s more due to my detective/Holmes obsession and the infrequent episodes from the BBC Sherlock than anything else.

Friday has CSI: New York (CSI: Miami is officially cancelled) as well as Fringe, Grimm, Nikita and Community. I watched the first season of Community on Netflix and absolutely loved it. That’s my top priority comedy series as far as “catch up” is concerned.

Saturday is dominated by sports and news magazines. I am interested in neither.

Sunday has 666 Park Avenue, Once Upon a Time, The Mentalist (which I’ll probably try out after Psych wraps up) and The Simpsons which I haven’t watched in over a decade.

What do you plan to watch?

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  1. Really? House is gone and no one says anything?

    There’s a few others I’m sorry to see go, such as the Finder and Alcatraz. Well, I’m not sorry to see Alcatraz go, but I would like to know what was up. Terra Nova was pretty mediocre, but I loved its finale and would have enjoyed seeing how that ended as well. Unforgettable wasn’t horrible, my wife liked it.

    (Getting my list of canceled shows from here.)

    • Yeah, I forgot to mention House. (I’m still on season three for that one, but I’ll be automatically downloading the series finale via iTunes next week.)

  2. As for shows I added to my auto-download list: Arrow, The Revolution, Elementary, and Hannibal. None of which I’d heard of until reading this, but that’s not surprising. Our exposure to advertising is amazingly limited. Also, I have them set up to automatically download, but if they suck we’ll cancel them. Last season I tried and gave up on Ringer, and it looks like I wasn’t alone. I remember letting Bionic Woman fall by the wayside a few years ago, too. (I think I’ll start calling those “swing and a miss!”)

    • Ringer picked up a bit at the end but they muddled it along far too slowly during the middle of the season. While I would like to see where the producers were planning to go with a second season, I won’t miss the show terribly. I think it would have been much better if they’re done the reveal to the family about six episodes sooner. It probably would have done better as, say, a movie trilogy or something.

      • Agreed there, I liked the show, but it’s not exactly a core premise that is sustainable long-term. They really needed to move forward and change things around a bit. Not to mention they needed to wrap up more of the story in a timely manner instead of dragging it out.

        So many shows lately have had good ideas — for movies/miniseries — but bad ideas for indefinite TV shows (I’m looking at you, Missing…). At least American Horror Story is taking that issue on by changing practically everything between seasons. I didn’t get into Season 1, but I can try again for Season 2 and I may like it this time.

  3. I’m on the fence about Arrow. On the one hand, it looks like it’ll be good, but on the other, I think it’s dumb that they had a really good Green Arrow from Smallville and they ditched the entire Smallville universe, including the actor, to start fresh. I can understand _why_ they did it, I’m just not sure I like it. I’ll give it a try though.

    I am kind of interested in Elementary, but my wife hates Lucy Liu.

    We will most definitely not be watching B&B, not just for the reasons above, but also because neither I nor my wife are fond of Ms. Kreuk.

    As for canceled shows, I’ll really miss Chuck and House. I’ll miss (but not quite as much) The Finder, Ringer, and GCB.

    My wife is really, really upset that they canceled The Secret Circle, and so are a lot of others. It was supposedly CW’s second highest rated show, so nobody really knows why they canned it.

    • Secret Circle was their #2 after the fall season, but was 4th for the Spring showing (though 3rd was One Tree Hill, which was in it’s final season). It dove pretty hard too, losing close to 40% of it’s viewers between January and May. It was also pulling in less than half of it’s lead in, though that’s Vampire Diaries and is by far the CW’s best performing show.

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