If you\’re looking for, oh, let\’s say, news, this is so not the article you\’re looking for. If you want to see me rant a bit about the site and solicit suggestions, then by all means keep reading.

I moved the old \”Sci-Fi News\” site to this domain back in mid-October, and it\’s been a lot of fun so far. The talented and handsome (I\’m assuming) fiziko has been writing X-Files reviews and generally being incredibly cool. I\’m trying my darnedest to scour the \’net for fun and exciting news, and there\’s even the occasional exciting conversation.

Somehow, though, I don\’t think I\’m doing enough.

I\’ve only seen a couple dozen story suggestions in the queue in the past three months, and (aside from the one joker who first-posted every story in the database at the time), discussions just don\’t seem to blossom.

I\’m open to suggestions, and this seems as good a place to solicit them as any. I\’m also open to bug reports, and generally anything. I want this site to be fun for everyone; I want people to drop in and say a few choice words. What am I doing wrong? :-)

Rage away!