4 replies on “Twilight Zone Discussion – “Memphis”/”How Much Do You Love Your Kid!””

  1. Newman!

    I was really enjoying “How Much Do You Love Your Kid?!”, right up to the car crash scene. Unfortunately it went downhill to Mediocre-ville by way of Obvious Street right after that. Bleh. Nice delivery by Wayne Knight though, it’s just unfortunate that the story wasn’t slightly better.

  2. Terrible Zone
    Both stories were terrible. “Memphis” was one of the worst time travel themed stories I’ve ever seen. Could it be more predictable? I could barely watch “Kid.” Again, predictable and hackneyed plot. The entire season has been mostly dreck. Who are they hiring to write for this show? That monkey with the typewriter from The Simpsons?

  3. Memphis
    Since the ads for the episode showed that it was going to feature the King assassination, and our hero only gives his name as “Ray,” I expected that the plot twist would be that we’d find out that the rest of his name was “James Earl.”

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