Weekly Digital Disk Picks for June 19th, 2012

This is a pretty poor week, although it does have the odd notoriety of boasting two entirely different films titled Project X.

Title Available Formats
Bakuman – Season 1, Part 1
Alex: I’ve noticed that RightStuf is not listing this release. Considering Media Blasters financial problems, hopefully this isn’t a bad sign.
Dragonaut – The Resonance (S.A.V.E. Edition)
Fushugi Yugi: Season 1
Alex: Media Blasters is giving us this instead of Record of Lodoss War. Color me disappointed.
Golgo 13 Collection 4
Kanokon TV & OVA Collection
Alex: Despite what the box art says, this is a harem romantic comedy anime, not porn.
K-ON! Season 2 Collection 1
Art House
The Hidden Blade
Alex: Samurai film from 2006.
And Everything Is Going Fine (Criterion Collection)
Evita: 15th Anniversary Edition
Classics (Cult)
Classics (Traditional)
Carry On Double Feature Vol. 5: Carry On Henry VIII and Carry On At Your Convenience
Carry On Double Feature Vol. 6: Carry On Matron and Carry On Girls
Cat Run
Franklin and Bash: The Complete First Season
Gray’s Anatomy (Criterion Collection) (1997)
The Spalding Gray / Steven Soderbergh collaboration entirely unrelated to the TV series that stole the title.
Louie: Season Two
Project X (comedy)
Blaine: This is a recent comedy about a 17th birthday party.
The Sarah Silverman Program: The Complete Series
Sealab 2020: The Complete Series
Sister Act: 20th Anniversary Edition – Two Movie Collection
Web Therapy: The Complete First Season
Wilfred: The Complete First Season
Comic Book Independents
Big Miracle
Listed previously. Appears to have been subject to a schedule change.
Kiara the Brave
Blaine: A pretty clear attempt to piggyback the Disney/Pixar marketing. Don’t be fooled.
Newsies: 20th Anniversary Edition
Power Rangers Samurai: The Team Unites (Vol. 1)
Power Rangers Samurai: A New Enemy (Vol. 2)
Music / Musical
Groucho Marx in The Mikado
Alex: Like it says on the tin – it’s Groucho Marx in a for-television production of The Mikado from 1960, with Marx as Ko-Ko.
The Woman in Green
A Sherlock Holmes story starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce
Reel Love
Science Fiction
The Colossus of New York
The Invisible Man: The Complete Series
Project X (Sci Fi)
Blaine: This is a 1968 sci fi thriller.
The Space Children
WWE Presents Over The Limint 2012
Alex: C.M. Punk Vs. Daniel Bryan(/”The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson) – ’nuff said.
The Best of Batman
13 episodes from multiple animated series
Seeking Justice
Hey Dude Season 3

Finally, the picks of the week. Blaine says, “wait for a better week.” Alex says, “Normally I’d agree with Blaine on this – but Groucho Marx in the Mikado has to be at least worth a rental. I mean, it’s Groucho and Gilbert & Sullivan. Two great tastes that taste great togeather!”

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  1. Curiously there are at least five films called Project X, including two in the last two years. One of those has not yet been released.

    Yeah, kind of a slow week– though I’m a little curious regarding what Groucho did with G&S.

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