Weekly Digital Disc Picks – July 3, 2012

As usual, the first week of July has a light release list, as studios expect consumers to see big screen product instead of the small screen stuff.

Title Available Formats
God Bless America
Hetalia: World Series 2 – Season 4
The Regular edition appears to run $4 less at RightStuf. The Special Edition gets you an orange bandana with the main cast.
Hidamari Sketch Specials
Contains several OVA episodes of Hidamari Sketch.
Needless Complete Collection
Classics (Cult)
Elvira`s Movie Macabre: Giant Monsters
It`s a four film set, but there is no listing to reveal which four.
Classics (Traditional)
Kino Classics Presents: The Devil’s Needle and Other Tales of Vice and Redemtion
American Reunion ’12
Becker: Season Four
Six Pack
The Women of SNL
The Crying Game
Dynasty: Season Six
Home on the Range
Blaine: I found this quite entertaining and underrated. They really play with convention. For example, watch for a change in aspect ratio during the dream sequence.
Rocko’s Modern Life: Season Three
Treasure Planet: 10th Anniversary Edition
Game of Thrones: The Complete First Season
George Gently Series 4
Mannix: Season Seven
Midsomer Murders Set 20
Streets of San Francisco: Season Three
Science Fiction
Born on the Fourth of July

Finally, the picks of the week. Alex says, “There really wasn’t anything worth getting this week. I’d recommend holding off until a later week.” Blaine says, “I keep hearing people rave about Game of Thrones, but I haven’t watched it yet.”

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  1. I’ll put my two cents in: Game of Thrones is very worth it, though it’s already out on DVD (no mention on what’s different in this issue). Also, Treasure Planet (which I reviewed 10 years ago here) is probably worth a pick-up. Beautiful film that just couldn’t decide if it wanted to appeal to younger or older kids. They would’ve been better off going for the latter, but it’s a good flick and was pretty soundly ignored when it first came out.

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