Discussion – Total Recall (2012)

Last week a remake of Total Recall, starring Colin Farrell, came out. The film dumps the “Get Your Ass To Mars” aspect of things in favor of a more topical political theme. Consequently, the film has also gotten mixed reviews.

Have you seen it? Give your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I thought it made a bit more sense than the whole mars/aliens schtick of the original. I would love to see the tech that allows the major transportation macguffin possible though. I think they got the physics of it slightly wrong, too, but it wasn’t distracting enough for me to try to work it out.

    They did get all the major plot points in though.

    • Still haven’t seen it, but I’ve heard about the MTM (major transportation macguffin), and I have two questions:

      1. Did they actually need it? Couldn’t they have just any poor and rich areas?
      2. Does the film offer any explanation for how a world on the brink of ruin can afford to engineer incredibly expensive complex MTMs?

      • No, they didn’t really need the MTM – it could have worked just as well with a traditional type of high speed transport (something is needed to make the climax work). And no, they didn’t explain how it could have been engineered or paid for.

        • Figures. Never understood the tendency for some filmmakers to spend extra on a glitzy visual that makes the movie less credible.

          Still, parts of this were filmed in a nearby town (in and around some old industrial buildings), so I want to see it eventually.

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