Supernatural Review – “Heartache”

Stoutlimb and his SO have provided another review.


Jensen Ackles as Dean
Jared Padalecki as Sam
Kyra Zagorski as Randa
Lian Balaban as Amelia
Patricia McCormack as Elanor
Anjali Jay as Dr. Kashi
Alan Ackles as Detective Pike

Directed by Jensen Ackles
Written by Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming

Original Airdate

Original Airdate: October 17, 2012


Sam and Dean solve a string of grisly murders in which people get their hearts ripped out. The trail leads to a mysterious deceased football star and his mother, who has an unexpected revelation. Meanwhile, Sam solidifies his position with Dean that he wants to retire from hunting soon.

High Point

Sam and Dean’s emotional conversation, and Sam’s emotional flashback to a happier time. The acting is very good between the two of them. Also seeing Jensen Ackle’s father play a cameo part was entertaining.

Low Point

The show was pretty solid from beginning to end, neither of us yawned during this one. Personally I found the suicide in the show to be a bit implausible, but that’s just me.

The Review

This show was original. We were left guessing until close to the end, and the scenario was a unique one. We subtract one point because of the ending, Sam and Dean rush in, kill the bad guys, and save the day. I know that’s what this show is all about, but the ending felt just a little to stock for us, and it was quite easy to predict after they figured out who they had to kill. We give the show’s originality a 5/6.

The effects were not spectacular, but quite appropriate for a low-key effects episode. We were kept in the moment throughout the show. We give the effects a 5/6.

With the exception of the ending being too predictable, this story was excellent, we both loved it. We felt that both the mystery and how Sam and Dean uncovered it broke some new ground. We give it a 5/6.

Jared and Jensen do it again… the drama between them is thick and real; this episode delivers. The guest actors for this episode did a great job, with Kyra Zagorski being an entertaining villain. We give the acting a 5/6.

Not much emotional response on this one. The main story was more of an intellectual “Hardy Boys” mystery to solve with some human sacrifice thrown in. The side story conflict between Sam and Dean was quite poignant however, especially Sam’s flashback to a happy memory. We give this episode a 4/6 for emotional response.

The production is as excellent as ever. This did feel like a mid-season lower budget “filler” episode, but despite that, it’s quite satisfying. We give the production a 5/6.

Overall, a rock solid episode. We give it a 5/6.

We give this episode a 34/42.