Greatest Science Fiction Film Tournament Week 1: Round 1

We announced our tournament last week. It begins this week. Over the next 24 weeks, we winnow out 2/3 of the titles in the competition, with the first 16 being evaluated this week. Note that we are not taking a set number of films from any given week of round one: this is being broken into 24 weeks just to make each week’s batch of votes smaller to promote participation. Please start voting here, marking our first 16 titles as “above average,” “average,” “below average” or titles you haven’t seen.

4 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction Film Tournament Week 1: Round 1”

    • Each of these first 24 weeks has a spread of everything that appeared on all of the other lists. Both the Popular Mechanics list and the list had some really strange and obscure entries. That’ll change as things progress.

    • I’d seen four… Though I may have seen as many as 6, the other two were so long ago I didn’t recall the movies enough to judge them.

      • Yeah, just getting caught up and found a few like that too. My Netflix queue has been updated. :)

        I voted “not seen” for those I didn’t feel I could give a fair judgement on as that seems the best option to avoid skewing the stats based on the initial annoucement.

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