Greatest Science Fiction Film Tournament Week 25: Round 2 begins

Our second round begins now. The original announcement said it would be next week, but I’ve refined the back end to allow for more rapid turnaround time. We’ve determined the top 120 films and 8 wildcards, and arranged them in tournament order. The first round of eliminations starts here. The complete elimination bracket can be seen here.

4 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction Film Tournament Week 25: Round 2 begins”

  1. I see some rather tough choices on future weeks in that bracket… Not sure if I’m looking forward to deciding on some of those :-)

  2. Why doesn’t the bracket include the seed rankings? (I assume it’s a standard-ish “1 vs 128, 2 vs 127, 3 vs 126…” but that isn’t explicitly stated.)

    • I didn’t want to bias voting, so those won’t be revealed until the tournament has concluded. It’s 1 vs. 120, 2 vs. 119, etc. with 57-64 up against the 8 wild card titles, with one wild card per bracket.

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