8 replies on “Greatest Science Fiction Film Tournament Week 31: Round 2”

  1. Great films in the list for this week.

    Oh, and the site’s theme change is a bit shocking.

      • Looks good to me. Could maybe use a snazzier logo/title image. I may just be getting old, but the light-text-on-black-background bit was making things tough to read. This is much easier on the eyes.

        All my terminal windows are still set for a black background and don’t bug me, but for some reason web pages are hard on the eyes when set that way.

      • Agree with Fez on the title – that plain text looks out of place right now. I’m also not so sure about the drop shadows on the titles, etc., and I think some colour tweaks are needed too, to be make things easier on the eye, but the general layout looks nice and clean.

  2. Well darn. Satoshi Kon’s last film is out of the running. That’s a bummer. Not totally surprising for me though, as Carl Sagan has more cachet with Science Fiction fans than Kon does.

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