Greatest Science Fiction Film Tournament Week 37: Round 4 begins

Round 4 begins here. The complete elimination bracket can be seen here. Last week saw two statistical upsets, as Dr. Strangelove (1964) beat out Return of the Jedi (1983) and Pitch Black (2000) beat out Primer (2004). We are getting down to the grind here: this round is only two weeks, and rounds 5 and up are a single week each.

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  1. Statistical upset, perhaps, and Strangelove versus the entire trilogy or even the original Star Wars would be a difficult decision. But Jedi versus Strangelove? The best movie won.

    Now as for Children of Men losing to Star Trek: Reboot Fever….

    • My problem with this is that Dr. Strangelove is not really SciFi as far as I’m concerned… sure, it was a very satirical look at a possible (at the time) present, but it was 100% plausible…

      • Except the ending turns on a piece of hypothetical technology. That makes it more Science Fiction than Jedi, which is, strictly speaking, Science Fantasy (Though, like the Hugos, we blend genres here happily).

        • Also, entries in the tournament were culled from outside lists. There are a number of titles that appear I’d have classified as straight-up fantasy, but I left them in thinking that our voters will just vote them out if they have problems with the classifications. This also means some titles may appear in multiple tournaments. (No, this is not our final tournament by far.)

          • That’s kinda why I stay away from these kind of lists… and this tournament, really. I usually skip these entries by Dr. Strangelove caught my eye, being one of my all-time favourite movies. But it’s no more SciFi than “Air Force One” is (:

        • I assume you mean the “Doomsday Device”? I don’t know that those are hypothetical, really. The capability and technology were firmly in place when that movie was made. All you really had to do was trigger all the nukes.

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