Timeshredder writes, I’ve only caught a few Smallvilles this season, and will once again make it a “summer rerun” watch (though Space is doing a marathon in a couple of weeks)

Does anyone know the status of the claim that young Bruce Wayne will appear on the show? There are a couple of updates for this show, so I’ll list them below.

The “Bruce Wayne” idea was shelved when Birds of Prey hit the air. The idea was to introduce Bruce at the start of his training as a business associate of Lex Luthor. I haven’t heard anything official, but since Birds of Prey is off the air, the idea may come back.

Also, the last time we heard the DVD set of Smallville‘s first season was due out in 2004. The latest word has it listed as late fall/early winter of this year, although no official release date has been set.

Finally, for the scheduling. The next new episode is Tuesday April 15, and the new episodes will continue until the season finale on May 20. (This will be the hour after Buffy‘s series finale, so it should be a good night for TV.) The series has been renewed for a third season.