Timeshredder writes, Ok… I realize suggesting everyone come on over to my site is lame, but I just posted a couple of potentially amusing “quizzes” that might be of interest to Bureau42. The quizzes are original, even if the idea is not.

I’m also open to suggestions for changes. See:


(Backstory: I was at my niece’s gymnastics meet. I was used to my other niece’s meets; she was an elite gymnist until last year. Do you know how much time there is to kill between turns when the level of performance is little-kid level???? Anyway, I had recently “failed” someone’s online “Geeks” test, and this got me thinking). I was amused. I scored 27 on the geek test, but my “to do” list will bump me up close to 40. The “what kind of freak are you?” test has a broken link to the scoring page, but I received 4 A’s, 10 B’s, and a C.