Are you a nerd? If not, what kind of freak are you?

Timeshredder writes, Ok… I realize suggesting everyone come on over to my site is lame, but I just posted a couple of potentially amusing “quizzes” that might be of interest to Bureau42. The quizzes are original, even if the idea is not.

I’m also open to suggestions for changes. See:

(Backstory: I was at my niece’s gymnastics meet. I was used to my other niece’s meets; she was an elite gymnist until last year. Do you know how much time there is to kill between turns when the level of performance is little-kid level???? Anyway, I had recently “failed” someone’s online “Geeks” test, and this got me thinking). I was amused. I scored 27 on the geek test, but my “to do” list will bump me up close to 40. The “what kind of freak are you?” test has a broken link to the scoring page, but I received 4 A’s, 10 B’s, and a C.

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  1. odd….
    unusually, I scored lower on the new nerd test than on the original….

    On the other hand, I’m most definitely a Geek. (as determined by the other test.)

  2. Red Shirts
    I posted about dead center on both. However, on the whole issue of a red shirt getting phasered: I don’t think he was phasered, but Picard wore a red uniform and was assimilated. (I always thought that was the best part of TNG, putting red shirts on the officers.) Furthermore, if anyone in one of the battle of Wolf flashbacks from from DS9 wore a read shirt, or if Seven ever phasered someone in a red shirt in one of her (too) many relapses, I think the scenario is possible. Does someone with a better memory that I have any examples?

  3. minor adjustments.
    I’ve made some minor adjustments…. Like making it possible to sign and comment in the scorebook (sorry, oversight). And Annalee Newitz has e-mailed to express amusement at her inclusion in the “Nerd” test, so I’m feeling terribly honoured.

    • hmm…
      I must not be much of a nerd if I have to ask “Who is Annalee Newitz and why would I want to have sex with her?” Unless I just miss the point of the question (it being in the “you’re a wild and crazy freak” category). I found the answer to my question after a few minutes of searching, but I didn’t find out quite why such a reference to her appears in a nerd quiz. Maybe some more reading and searching will turn that up…

      I did score fair “nerd” scores on both tests, though.

  4. wall of fire
    I don’t suppose someone could mirror the test on a non-geocities site?

    Our firewall blocks all geocities pages as worthless regardless of content.

    • Re: good questions
      Because “Utherworld” began as a “I want to learn how to do website stuff” project which I never thought would develop an audience, I tend to write there for my own and my friends’ amusement, and so sometimes I’m a trifle more obscure than I probably should be. I think it’s great that some people read it (I had a serious book published in the mid-90s that hasn’t found an audience nearly the same size).

      Regarding phasers: sure, Borg have perhaps hit people with red shirts on, but “Red Shirt” to most Trek fans designates the security guys from TOS whom Kirk’s opponents went through like popcorn.

      As for Annalee Newitz, who writes mostly about the interface between technology and humanity, she has her other sides. I found these articles, which will perhaps suggest why she has been commemorated in my test in this manner:



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