Dead Zone news from Michael Piller

There doesn’t seem to be an episode of The Dead Zone tonight. What there is, though, is an official announcement by Michael Piller that reveals more episodes in season two have been ordered and will go into production on May 5. Also, The Hunt for Osama has been renamed to The Hunt and is still not scheduled. The above announcement discusses this in detail, and even links to the script so that fans can see exactly what was intended. This should hold fans over until the new episodes return at an undetermined date this summer.

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  1. Need to See That Episode
    I’ve been looking forward to “The Hunt” since the first time it was bumped off the schedule. It continues to sound like a great episode.

    I’m glad to hear that they might finally get to air it, and I’m just as glad that we’ll be getting more episodes this summer. I do hope, however, that they aren’t so rushed that the episodes are of low quality.

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