Fall TV Developments

There’s an article on Ain’t It Cool News about the shows in development for the fall for the various networks. Like the Sci-Fi channel shows we heard about a few weeks ago, many of these will not make it to air this fall. Genre shows include Century City for CBS, True Calling (with Eliza Dushku) and NYPD 2069 by Steven Bochco for Fox, and Future Tense for NBC. The WB and UPN offerings aren’t described well enough to know if they’re genre or not. As with last year, once final announcements are out in mid-May, I’ll list everything that I’m interested in and you can vote on what will get reviewed in full and what will just get Discussion forums.

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  1. get with the times
    Not one show described as “space western” in the bunch! What a
    : )

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