Andromeda Discussion – “The Illusion of Majesty” / “Point of the Spear” (new)

The website seems to have two different titles for this episode. (“Point of the Spear” appears in the photo gallery.) Including this one, there are only four episodes left this season, with a new one each week.

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  1. Because I was sick in bed…
    I spent most of my day watching the idiot box. After watching two Andronema episodes back to back I am reinforced in the belief of this terminanology when it comes to the stories provided in this show.

    One story had some Nietchian mapping ship lost on the slipstream highway with valuable lore; mapped slipstream. The crew finds it on an out of the way human habited planet and decides to retrieve it.

    The premise was interesting. The execution highly flawed with numerous weak points involved. Four slip down to the planet to quietly retrieve the item. Instantly they run into a duo of the native inhabitants. Captain hunt finds a romantic foil in a female scientist who just “happens’ to watch the stars. On the flimsy premise that their cover story MIGHT be disbeleived he tells her the truth about them while another government overseer just “happens” to listen in from the shadows. So much for keeping secrets. A chase ensues and Captain Hunt kisses the girl and flies away.

    In the second story the crew finds itself in a backwater part of the universe where toxic materials prevail and a princess is saved. Tier says go, knowing of the problems in this area of the universe. Naturally the ship can’t. The princess causes much mischief and poorly executed farcical comedy ensues. Captain hunt forces her to do right. Captain Hunt kisses the girl and flies away.

    I may have need of an ambulance… after viewing this.

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