See “The Punisher”

Artisan Entertainment has sent around a promotional image of Thomas Jane as The Punisher in a Marvel comic adaptation due out next year. You can see it at Ain’t It Cool News and other places. As lackluster as it is, it’s still sadly better than what I saw on screen in the original film adaptation. I suspect that this will be the first film to really burst the comic book adaptation bubble.

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  1. Loved the first movie
    I really did like the first movie. I thought Dolph was a good choice, too bad they aren’t sticking with him.

  2. It’s all about the script…
    Remember, even an Oscar-winning actor (Jeremy Irons) can absolutely suck in a movie (D&D). Obviously it’s not just the actor. Dolph is fine. Typecast beyond belief, but a decent actor. The Punisher movie was pretty bad. Blame the budget, director, and script.

    Admittedly, the comment about him looking like a bummed out Punisher fan is on the mark, but people have pulled off roles you’d have thought beyond them (Keanu Reeves for one). Without a good script, it’s doomed.

    With a good script, it might actually work. It might happen, since there are so many comic movies right now, they know they need to actually spend money. Hopefully some of it will go towards a script.

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