3 replies on “29th Saturn Award Results”

  1. Hmmm…

    James Cameron, the visionary writer/director behind
    ALIENS and TITANIC was honored with the Dr. Donald A. Reed Award,
    established after the Saturn Awards creator.

    Cameron, visionary?
    All the guy does is rip off stuff and release it to a wide audience who
    never heard of what he ripped off. That’s more weasely than visionary.

    Gotta give him credit for good use of SFX though.

  2. Sigh. ..Farscape, …

    As for TV, FARSCAPE took home the trophy for Best Syndicated/Cable Television Series

    I cannot say this enough, but has anyone at SciFi central ever stopped to think which mistake they made by cancelling this series?

    Oh, well, perhaps their new dead lawyers will be as original and contain good story arcs, … yeah, …

  3. Good to see
    that somebody recognized the good work that Andy Serkis did as Gollum in LOTR:TTT. Perhaps with this and the work he’ll be doing in the next film other people might notice too.

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