Canada Post open for Harry Potter

This is bizarre. I ordered my copy of Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix online here in Canada a while ago. I just got an e-mail letting me know that Canada Post, which is normally only running Monday-Friday, will be delivering copies of the next Harry Potter on Saturday, June 21 to make sure everyone gets their copies the day it’s released. That’s right; there’s so much demand for this book via preorders alone that Canada Post will be opening for a day specifically to deliver that one item. The books are good, but are they really this good?

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  1. Not just for Harry Potter
    I first heard about weekend delivery when they announced it for the new Harry Potter book but it looks like that deal has been expanded.

    According to the Indigo website Canada Post now offers both weekend and evening deliver on any item. This of course assumes that it’s available in your area.

  2. Amazon…
    ….Amazon sent me a note where they offered to charge me more. I can wait until Monday.

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