Podcast feeds now available

Audio podcasts are coming from Bureau 42. The master feed (iTunes, RSS) is now available, and will include all audio podcasts, including the two we’ve already done. The first regular podcast goes up one week from today, in the inaugural chapter of our monthly Silver Screen Superman, covering the 12 feature film incarnations of the character and most of the franchise. (Steel is omitted.) That will also have its own feed, as will our podcasts about the films in our Greatest Science Fiction Film Tournament, this fall’s X-Files Retrospective podcast, and more. There is also a feed for Math From Scratch (iTunes, RSS) and we will be introducing feeds for Summer School, Teaching Tidbits and a master education feed as well. Note that the education feeds are in PDF format, which I find works in iTunes but not in the iOS Podcasts app. The audio podcasts work as expected under iOS.