X-Files Retrospective Podcast 001: “Pilot”

The first official X-Files retrospective podcast is now available here. When iTunes feeds are set up, we’ll link the URLs from those articles. The RSS feed is here. Intro and outro music attribution is below.

Creative Commons License Outside Poolside by Lasswell is licensed under a Attribution Noncommercial (3.0).

3 replies on “X-Files Retrospective Podcast 001: “Pilot””

  1. Note that when this was recorded (over a year ago) I intended long breaks between seasons with a weekly schedule. This will hit at least every two weeks. Special episodes may be inserted in between the biweekly episodes.

  2. Also, if you like the podcast, you should probably rate it in the iTunes store – either for the X-Files specific feed, or the overall podcast feed, so we get more visibility in the store.

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