Spielberg Drops Indy IV

writes, Scifiwire Reports
that apparently Steven Spielberg won’t be doing Indy 4 after
Keep in mind that this is coming not from Spielberg,
but from Connery, who heard it from “someone at the office.”
Thus, it’s accuracy is not guaranteed, but it’s still not a good sign.

3 replies on “Spielberg Drops Indy IV”

  1. thats an odd thing….
    After hearing all of the hype. Frankly it would seem like Indy hobbling thru an old folks home.

    Maybe the movie is still gonna occur… with a new director. Could spell doom for the whole project.

    • Re: thats an odd thing….
      Must say i had my doubts about Harrison Ford after seeing Hollywood Homicide, he seemed… tired, like he doesn’t really want to do this, or has the energy. I don’t care about his age as such, Connery is much older but he stil has the spark in his eyes.

      Perhaps they could make an Indy 4 where he’s searching for Junior *G*

  2. UPDATE: Further details

    Ain’t It Cool News has an update on this
    story; it seems that Spielberg is on the project, and that there was just a
    communication problem of some form somewhere between SS and the
    people who quoted Connery.

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