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  1. Loving the podcast. I agree about Mulder in the church, but I sometimes think it illustrates the lengths he would go to save his sister. And if I remember correctly, Scully comes back to faith throughout the series, starting as a skeptic.
    I got the feeling that these episodes were ‘homages’ to some of the sci-fi movies we grew up on. For example, the boy here clearly seems to be modeled after the child in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, and the episode coming up, ICE, seems heavily tied to THE THING. It seemed like many of the early episodes veered towards the familiar in this way- and the show got much more interesting when they ran out of movies to parallel. In this episode for example, there are elements from CLOSE ENCOUNTERS that were never seen again, like the intense heat from the UFO, and the reddish light for the boy to run towards. I agree with the heat thing- I would think there would be more evidence of high heat, like the grass being singed or a circle of black earth around the camper.
    By the way, I grew up watching KOLCHAK THE NIGHT STALKER, and if you haven’t seen it I heavily suggest watching an episode or two. It is such a clear influence( one that Chris Carter mentions many times). He even has the star of that show, Darren McGavin, as the older Arthur Dales- the orginal x-files agent.

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