John Doe revealed!

writes, Well, if you liked “John Doe” and are
annoyed that we’ll never see what his deal was, check out
from Personally, I think it’s very
lame, but whatever.
It does explain the ties to the
Vatican, but I don’t see how it explains his amnesia, or why
he had a chunk of metal in his body.

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  1. It also doesn’t explain…
    …why the Phoenix group didn’t just kill him.

    I could understand if they wanted to learn something from him or if he was being observed as a sort of experiment, but apparently they just didn’t want him to remember what had happened to him. Gee, seems like the best way to do that would be to just put a cap in his ass. We know they didn’t shy away from killing, so what’s the problem?

    Now I’m kind of glad “John Doe” got cancelled. Bleh.

  2. Disappointed, but for a different reason.
    I was kinda hoping he had some sort of tap into the collective unconscious, since that would open up all sorts of scenarios. This wasn’t horrid, but what I really wanted to know, like the other poster, was why they went through all that rigamarole. Why have the head of Phoenix befriend him? Why the subterfuge? What would happen to Digger? Glad we got some answers, but I wish we’d gotten more.

  3. Less Revelation, More Teaser?
    If this revelation had come from the actual producers/writers, I would be made to think that there was something more in store because, as has been stated aboe, this is a “non-revelation revelation.” While it explains the underlying premise, it gives us nothing on the Phoenix project’s ultimate goal and so is even more anticlimactic than the last episode.

    Unfortunately, since it’s coming from [the evil] Gail Berman it could simply mean that she doesn’t know anything more and so gave up what she remembered from meetings. After all, she can’t actually be WATCHING her network or else she would have been as interested in seeing Firefly continue as the rest of us.

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