The Dead Zone, and topical stories..

writes, Well, 2 more new episodes of The Dead
have come and gone (Teusday nights at 11:00 PM
EST on USA Network). I missed last week, but this week’s ep
was quite good. From the previews, it looks like next week
Johnny will be looking for Osama bin Ladin. What do you think of
that? Personally, I’m not fond of using specific current events for
a fictional storyline. If Johnny “finds” Osama, it will break my
suspension of disbelief. If he does not, I find it hard to understand
how they will create a satisfying conclusion. I like how The West
Wing handled things a season or two ago, using similar situations,
but no real-world specifics. What’s b42’s opinion? Oh… and
does anybody have other opinions on The Dead Zone?
It’s kinda quiet around here.PS…Why is there no preview on the
Story Submission form?
I didn’t realize there were new
episodes. I’ll keep an eye out and keep the discussion forms
coming. As for the previews, the authors can preview them
before posting them at least, although I see why submitters would
want to too.

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  1. Previews…
    For example… that &ltb> tag before “Oh…” was supposed to be a &ltbr>.

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