Yet another Geek Test

I quite like this Geek Test at My score: 58.38264% – Extreme Geek. How about you? UPDATED April 13, 2009: I’m over 75% now, thanks to an expanded DVD collection, the relaunch of my comic collecting, and a few more Esperanto lessons. How about you folk?

8 replies on “Yet another Geek Test”

  1. Not geekier than thou…
    49.90138% – Super Geek.

    I’m mildly disappointed, I figured I was geekier. I guess never really getting into RPGs or related Fantasy things such as Magic take away from my geek factor.

  2. 62.72189% – Extreme Geek
    The first time… Then I went back and unchecked a few boxes that were “iffy.” I ended up at 56.4%. Still Extreme, though.

  3. Not fair…
    45.36489% – Super Geek

    I wanna be a bigger geek, its no fair ;-)

  4. Oh my.
    71.59763% – Geek God

    I even didn’t answer questions that I thought ‘eh, that’ll rank too high’


  5. That’s about right.
    15.77909% – Geek

    I thought I was geekier than this, but considering the questions, and my limited geekness (videogames mainly) I can see why it’s so low.

  6. What’s a geek?
    18.14596% – Geek
    wow. i don’t know what a geek is… so can anbody tell?


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