Berman/Braga clueless as ever

y42 writes,
has a story about Rick
and Brannon Braga defending Star Trek’s fan
and being confused about declining ratings.

Braga told reporters, “I don’t think creatively we were doing
anything wrong.”, so why did viewers bail last year? “Don’t know,”
Braga said matter-of-factly. “Don’t know.”

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  1. Love that subjectline
    Gotta say, love that heading – anything but unbiased, but very true. If this becomes a fantastic season one suspects it will be by accident… darn it..

  2. Denial

    Don’t know,” Braga said matter-of-factly. “Don’t know.”

    It ain’t just a river in Egypt…

  3. Time travel
    The root of the problem is time travel, the original sin of all SF. Once they commited themselves to the “temporal cold war” theme, the show was doomed.

    Also, does anyone else think the “Vulcan Science Directorate has determined that time travel is impossible” is getting a little old? As a scientist myself, they are the worst scientists, ever.

    • Re: Time travel

      I didn’t mind the time travel stuff when I thought that maybe, just maybe, they would only use the idea very few times, making sure not to give any really definite answers to anything or base much of the series development on it. Alas, that didn’t last long.

      I would have liked for the show to stick more with things like the Human, Andorian, Vulcan relationship. Have the Enterprise running more missions between local races, building goodwill with some, illwill with others. And of course, the wars with the Romulans and Klingons.

      Getting to see other races and planets from more than one angle would also have been nice. Since the ship is slower than later series, they could have made it pretty typical to have several episodes in a row with the Enterprise in or near the same star system. Oh, and a good number of episodes where the ship is between systems, just crusing. People get bored, love interests get going and fall apart, maybe a murder (or was it just an accident?), people trade jobs for a week, stowaways are sometimes found, sometimes they fly in formation with other ships and we get to know about those people (sometimes human, sometimes not), occasionally something breaks and they are just drifting (calling the Vulcans and/or others they know, hoping to get some help sooner rather than later). All the sorts of things that came to mind when I first thought about the Star Trek universe as seen by humans a generation before Kirk’s time. The inital premise made me envision something of a slower, more local scale Star Trek. Then it became “weird thing of the week”, like we have seen from the other series so much. Oh well.

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