Classic Doctor Who: Companions, Friends and other Allies

This week we are taking votes on the best companions, friends and other allies to the first eight (confirmed) incarnations of the Doctor. You can vote here. You can still vote on the best villains in this poll as well. Next week, we’ll reveal the results to both.

2 replies on “Classic Doctor Who: Companions, Friends and other Allies”

  1. With regard to the villains poll, I don’t recall the Master being involved in any way in The Caves of Androzani, yet it’s listed as a Master story.

    Well, except for the bit at the very very end which totally doesn’t count.

    • I haven’t watched it yet, though it’s next in my queue. (I just finished Resurrection of the Daleks and Planet of Fire.) I used a few sources to make this, and I’ve discovered that some included cameos, hallucinations, and flashbacks, as with one of the companions in Planet of Fire. Well, I’ve got a few to watch to catch up, but I’m betting viewers like yourself who are already familiar with these stories will just choose not to vote on stories like that for that particular villain.

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