Nostalgia: Masters Of The Universe Toys

Remember “He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe?” The marginal cartoon series and absolutely wretched movie with Dolph Lundgren? Well, in what’s most likely an attempt to cash in on 80s nostalgia, Mattel has re-released the toys. Not “updated,” mind you, but re-released darn near perfect replicas of the originals. Snapshots and reviews over here.

4 replies on “Nostalgia: Masters Of The Universe Toys”

  1. Milestone
    I Must Have Hit A Milestone In My Life: They’re Relreleasing My Favorite Childhood Toy, But Not So Kids Can Play With It, So People Like Me Can Buy It All Over Again.

    And Yes, I Do Want To Try To Collect Them All, All Over Again.

    Man, 23 Shouldn’t Feel This Old.

  2. Stratos!
    I started collecting a few months after this first bunch was released. I had most of these guys, but the one I always wanted but could never find was Stratos. Yet again, I’m being denied; he’s not on the list. Damn!

  3. Missing characters
    No Ram-Man either, what injustice. And where’s the big-ass tiger HeMan was supposed to ride around on? ;)

  4. That Would Be Battlecat
    Battlecat Was One Of The Most Interesting Steads I’ve Ever Seen. It’s A Shame He’s Not Around. Also, What About Good Ol’ Castle Grey Skull?

    Then Again, I’m Sure There Are Plenty Of eBay Sales For The Originals Left.

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