Trailer Park Tuesday: July 23, 2013

And now, movie trailers, including a couple that are definitely not family-friendly.

Even the title is inappropriate: here’s a trailer for Kick-Ass 2, coming in August. (Redband/R-rated trailer)


Like your SF light on science and heavy on action? Try some Riddick. (Redband/R-rated trailer)


Here’s a Japanese-language trailer for a new Miyazaki film, The Wind Rises.


Not genre, not by a long shot. But if Kevin Smith is a fan, it might be worth watching. The Dirties is a film about high-school filmmakers, kinda.


From the television front, here’s a four-minute preview of The Walking Dead’s next season:


2 replies on “Trailer Park Tuesday: July 23, 2013”

  1. You know, I kind of liked Kick-Ass flawed though it was, but I cannot get excited about the sequel. I really don’t want to see more of the same. I’m particularly thinking about the second half of the first film, which gleefully buys into what it had been critiquing– but that’s irony for ya.

    This looks like more of the same, and not even Hit Girl can sell me on that. At best I’ll watch it post-theater-run.

  2. It’s a day late, but how about adding this one for Gravity? Or put it on the list for next week (if there are enough).

    As for the others this week, I doubt I’ll see any of them in the theater, but we’ll be watching Kick Ass 2 and Riddick when they come out on disc.

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