This is it. We’ve winnowed a total of 392 films down to two, and of those two, we voted on the greatest science fiction film ever. The result: Star Wars (1977) wins by a single vote in the week with the largest voter turnout to date. We’ve got the complete statistics for the entire group, as well as a new poll to decide the format of our upcoming Greatest Science Fiction Television Poll here as well.

The round one results, based on Bayesian statistics, can be found here. Those are the numbers used to “seed” the tournament standings throughout, using IMDB scores to break ties in Bureau 42 reader votes. The voting results (as percentages) for other rounds should be on the GSFFT Brackets file. The brackets were set up for rounds 3-8 starting with round 8 and working backwards, so that (if all went as per round one voting) the top two films from the first round would face off in the last round, the second last round would see movies 1 and 4 in one bracket and 2 and 3 in the other, etc. so that a round with n titles would have pairings whose ranks added up to n+1 in each case. The exception was round 2, where the wildcards came into play. Instead of the top 128 movies from round 1, we had the top 120, with movie #1 going up against #120, movie #2 going up against #119, etc. except for the 8 middle slots (#57-64) which went up against the 8 wildcards such that #57 went up against the wildcard with the lowest IMDB score and #64 went up against the wildcard with the highest IMDB ranking. I was tempted to “rig” the system so that related movies (the two “King Kong” movies, the “TMNT” films, etc.) would end up in the same bracket against each other, but that was unnecessary, as that’s how things naturally fell anyway. Ties in rounds 2-8 were determined by the round 1 rankings of the movies in question. I’d have used IMDB ratings as tie breakers for the wildcard films, but it never came up.

We also have a few options for setting up the television tournament, which you can vote on here. The results won’t just be tabulated, but this time, they’ll also be correlated. (There are options to vote in multiple stages at the series, season and episode levels, as well as for tournament length, so the winner will be the most popular combination, i.e. “these two stages plus this length” style.) We’ll gather information on this poll for the next week, and then announce the final format at the usual day and time.