Vote for Fox releases on DVD

Do you want to see The Lone Gunmen,
Millenium, John Doe,
Roswell, Greg The Bunny, and other
such shows on DVD? Go here and vote
for them!V

3 replies on “Vote for Fox releases on DVD”

  1. The simpsons?
    Why would they have a poll that lists both Ally McBeal and the Simpsons on it? I thought those were already out on DVD or am I thinking of it’s legally distinct but simalar to clone the Sampsen’s…

  2. Greg the bunny
    I urge you all now…I know it’s not sci-fi, but I guess it could be construed as fantasy – Greg the Bunny. I LOVED that show. that and family guy….but that’s out today (the whole #!) anyway….VOTE DANG YOU!!!

    After you vote, you get a summary of the current vote results.

    At least genre shows aren’t a complete washout…

    • Harsh Realm: 2.31
    • Lone Gunmen: 12.3
    • Millennium: 19.2
    • John Doe: 11.3
    • The Pretender: 8.01
    • Roswell: 15.2

    Thankfully, the generic “Reality TV Programming” is at the bottom of the list, at 1.92. None of this matters, though, ass all tremble before the infinite might of The Wonder Years at 24.6.

    Really, are there that many Danica McKellar junkies out there? Yeah, I thought she was kinda cute too back in the day, but we’ve all moved on to drooling over Jolene Blalock.

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